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Biscuit Baking Oven

Indirect Fired Biscuit Oven  

This is a multi zone Indirect fired biscuit Oven suitable for general purpose biscuit baking. This Oven is divided into a number of independent zones each comprising a combustion chamber with burner, circulating fan, turbulence fan, and the associated duct work leading the banks of radiator tubes.

  ....... Radiant Heating System:

The products of combustion are recalculated through 102mm. diameter tubes above and below the band. The gases in the radiator tubes are negative pressure to ensure that the products of combustion cannot contaminate the goods in the event of leakage. This system gives maximum economy and temperature stability as only a proportion of gases is exhausted to atmosphere, the remainder to the combustion for re-heating.


Turbulence System and Steam Extraction:

Turbulence is normally fitted to all but the initial (feed end) zone or zones of the oven and is completely independent of the heating system. It is recirculatory to give the maximum heat loss from the baking chamber. The system comprises an extraction duct with openings into the baking chamber, a turbulence fan in a steel case having impellers with air-cooled bearings driven by an electric motor, mild steel delivery ducts with turbulence control dampers, leading to the top and bottom turbulence tubes in the baking chamber. The turbulence tubes are fitted to improve the heat transfer to the product, the velocities not being high enough to disturb flour or sugar dust on the product.
The ratio of the top and bottom turbulence can also be controlled by dampers on the burner side of the oven.  The extraction rate is varied by means of a damper. Additionally, a small steerage extraction fan is fitted at the delivery end to extraction velocity slot built in the end to prevent under spillage of baking chamber air into the bakery.


  Direct Gas Fired Biscuit Oven      
    Direct Fire Multi Burner LP Gas Oven System is good for Bakery and Baking the Biscuits of Crackers, Cookies, Moulded with Chocolate, Chips, Mould Dough products etc.

* Multi Burner Direct Gas Oven System is Economical and Feasible.
* Oven is run by ‘O’ pressure Gas with combustion Air by Blower.
* Accident chances are very less and easy to operate.
* Maintenance cost will be totally free till 5 to 7 years.
* L.D.O. / Furnace Oil cost will be high when compared in LPG.
* No Choking, soot and smoke.

Heating is provided by Ribbon Pipe burners and adjustable balancing burners which are transversely placed above and below the baking band. The burners work on Zero pressure system.
Each burner is provided with gas line as zero pressure and a low pressured combustion air line. Air and Gas are mixed at each burner by a proportional mixing device which utilize the air pressure to entertain the combustible gas and deliver the mixture to the burner. The ratio of air and gas can be adjusted to provide with optimum combustion.
Each burner is ignited by manually/ with gas torch. The burner flame is monitored by a person through the igniting window.
The oven is divided into many baking zones. Each zone has its independent temperature controls for top and bottom heat. The temperature control is maintained by the Ball Valve manually, fitted for each zone Top and Bottom burners which vary the amount or combustion air going into the zone, thus varying the temperature.

Baking chambers are fabricated out of thick (3mm) 10 gauge mild steel, Hot Rolled, Fire bricks top and bottom of the band with high alumina refractories. Each zone contain expansion joint to minimum the oven contracts and expansion. The baking chambers rest on M.S. support frames and are pointed together. The baking band supported within the chambers by special grade Chilled Cast Iron skid bars duly machined with convex edge and the rollers on return journey. Each zone has a inspection window, Damper control for extraction of the baking chamber humidity or operating and non operating side and a extract on blowers.

Thick very low factor mineral density 120 wool is used on all sides. Thermolite power and paste is used on top of the refractory lining and in between refractory the joints.
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