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Since 1977, India-based OVENMAN Industries Pvt. Ltd. (An Export oriented unit of AIFSO Industrial and Abbasko Foodtech) has been providing complete solutions in the field of industrial and bakery ovens. Manufactures, Exporter, supplier, wholesaler and service provider for a huge range of bakery equipment and industrial ovens, today, Ovenman’s products are sourced by reputed companies form all over the world.

Dedication and commitment have seen OVENMAN grow multi-fold over the decades. And it all began with Late Mr. M. ABBAS KHAN’s global vision, the company since it's inception. After the sad demise of Mr. M. ABBAS KHAN, Mr. Faiyaz Khan is heading the group of highly trained and professionally qualified staff as a Director of the Company. Started as a local enterprise Ovenman has been successfully transformed into a sprawling international venture under the able guidance of our CEO Md. Azeem Khan. The business activities specially Marketing is led by the Sr. Vice President Mr. Aman Dubey, his focused expertise in the filed of oven manufacturing ensure ever growing markets with the capability of meeting customized requirements.

Keeping abreast of constantly shifting market trends has always enabled Ovenman to keep in step with evolving customer requirement. Almost four decades in the industry has given Ovenman the specialised skill and unique perspective to cater to a wide range of demand in the oven manufacturing. Initially, OVENMAN industries Pvt. Ltd. was launched to handle the growing export demand. Today OVENMAN Industries Pvt. Ltd. holds the position of being able to cater to the needs to customers from countries like Bangladesh, Sharjah, Nairobi, Nepal, Kenya, Jordan, Tanzania, Indonesia and Syria, amongst others.

The company specialises in the manufacturing and supply of oven for Biscuit/Bread Baking,  Tin/Metal Decorating, Barrel Drying, Solutioned Components, Soya Chunk (Bari) and Pan Masala Drying for last 40 years, Ovenman’s sole manufacturing plants is located in Faizabad, Ovenman’s commitment to rigorous quality control, helped in building a strong and loyal clients amongst which are Gulf Can Crafters-Sharjah, National Canning –Jordan etc.  

Success in the national and international market has helped Ovenman generate gainful employment for a huge number of skilled and unskilled manpower. Ovenman’s  commitment is not just to professionalism but also to society. A fixed part of the company’s profits are channeled to AIFSO Education and Welfare Society in order to address the various societal concerns. With strong technological expertise and years of compact experience in the manufacturing of ovens and related equipment, Ovenman Industries Pvt. Ltd. have been constantly innovating to ever expend its horizons.

B, 14 - 15,  Industrial  Area,   Site-I,  Haripur,  Jalalabad,  Lucknow Road,   Faizabad  -   224001,   U. P.,   India

+91-9838333000, 9839800786 
Fax: +91-5278-236655 Email: mail@ovenmanindia.com