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Soya Chunks Drying Oven

Soya Chunks with hydration properties can be used in wide range of food applications. It replaces vegetables in a variety of Indian and Western recipes. It is used as raw material for producing texturised high protein Soya Chunks . It contains approximately 50 protein, low in fat and an excellent source of protein, iron and B-vitamins.


Structure: The structure for the full length of the oven will be fabricated by 75 * 40 mm channels and 50 * 50 mm angles and reinforced with cross frame jigs and gusset plates. The structures shall be erected at every 5 ft. distance and connected with 50 * 50 mm running angles.

Conveyor Band: The three tier conveyor will be of S.S.-304 tray type with 6" pitch roller chain. The dyno drive will be provided to vary the speed of conveyor.

Insulating Panels: All the top, side and bottom insulating panels shall be fabricated from CRCA prime quality sheets. The 4" gap in the panels will be filled with mineral wool to conserve heat and increase efficiency. The extreme bottom portion on both sides of the oven shall be covered with CRCA sheets. Jointing covers with minerals wool be used for jointing the individual panels to avoid leakages and heat loss.


Firing Chambers: There shall be 1 no. stainless steel shell in shell type heat exchanger with firing chamber having exhaust fan mounted on the top of the chamber. The Automatic Oil burner with complete control system and the main circulating blowers shall be mounted on the either sides of the chamber. Complete chamber with suction box shall be insulated with glass/mineral wool panels and coverings to avoid heat loss, increasing the thermal efficiency.

Air Ducts: Both sides air circulation ducts with perforated holes are fabricated by 18 swg CRCA sheets. The main connecting & supply ducts are made of Stainless Steel. The adjustable dampers are provided at appropriate intervals to have uniform circulation of hot air throughout the length.
Electricals: The electric motors such as 10 HP 2 nos. for main circulating fan, 0.3 HP 1 no. for burner, 5 HP 1 no. for driving, 1 HP 1 no. for exhaust and 3 HP 1 no. for extract are included in this quotation. D.O.L. starters for lower H.P. and Star Delta for 10 HP, with indicators and control instruments shall be fitted in the control panel. The wiring from control panel to motors and incoming to the control panel are excluded from this quotation. The guarantee for electrical instruments and accessories shall not be covered by us.

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